The 7 Best Short-Term Rental Sites: Beyond Airbnb

best short term rental sites

Are These Short-Term Rental Sites Better Than Airbnb? Let’s Find Out! For a lot of people, traveling is a major goal for 2023. For years now, Airbnb has been synonymous with traveling—but, are there alternatives? If you want to use your properties and leverage the short-term rental market, you’d want a site that offers you […]

Architecture Photography 101: From Staging to Final Edits

architecture photography

As a photographer, you are responsible for capturing and conveying the architect’s vision to those who may never visit the space. It is essential to be precise and present the intended atmosphere of a place in your photos. Capturing architecture with a camera is a challenging task. You must capture what the creator envisioned in […]

Should You Create An LLC For Rental Property?

create LLC for rental property

Is Creating An LLC For Your Rental Company Worth It? Generating passive income through real estate is a dream come true. But sometimes, unexpected issues, lawsuits, and taxes can pull you back to the harsh realities of life.  These are just universal truths that can happen to any real estate owner. All we can do […]

Real Estate Market Cycles 101: How To Invest Wisely

real estate market cycles

Understanding The Detail Of Real Estate Market Cycles We all know that the real estate market fluctuates between highs and lows, between periods of stability and instability, but few people realize that there is a real estate market cycle. This cycle rolls from state to state on an ongoing basis. Understanding where we are now, […]

Fractional Home Ownership: The Future of Real Estate?

fractional home ownership

Is Fractional Home Ownership A Smart Investment For 2023? Investing in real estate grants us the opportunity to grow massive wealth. However, traditional means of real estate investing just aren’t for everybody. Down payments alone are already a huge barrier to entry. So, are there any real estate investment strategies that don’t require you to […]

The Ultimate Fractional Real Estate Investing Terms Glossary

real estate investing terms

Investing in fractional real estate can be intimidating for beginners and experienced investors alike. With so many terms to learn, it can be difficult to make sense of the jargon and start investing confidently. To help you out, we’ve put together this ultimate real estate investment terms glossary specifically for fractional real estate. This comprehensive […]

Is The Real Estate Market Slowing Down? Facts and Answers

real estate market crash

You’re certainly not alone if you’re wondering, “Is the real estate market slowing down?” The short answer is yes, but not to catastrophic levels. A more detailed answer is outlined within the rest of this article. We’ll explore the question in more detail, as well as share the key reasons why the real estate market […]