How to Unclog a Sink with Hair: Fixing the Drain

how to unclog a sink with hair

Woe betide the man or woman who, after a long day, stands in a pool of water during what should’ve been a relaxing shower! Or the homemaker who, washing up after a hearty family meal, finds the water stubbornly standing still. Hair clogging the sink and shower drains is a common battle we’re all too […]

Conquering the Cascade: A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing a Running Toilet

how to fix a toilet that won't stopping

For heaven’s sake! Nothing can be scarier, or more aggravating, than the relentless cascade of a toilet that just won’t stop running. The sound of water, akin to a waterfall in your bathroom, can be as unnerving as fingernails on a chalkboard. It can throw your day into a tailspin before it even begins. But […]

How to Patch Screw or Nail Holes in Drywall

how to patch screw holes in wall

How to Fill Screw or Nail Holes in Drywall Do you want to spruce up your home without having to call in an expensive professional? Patching screw and nail holes in drywall is a great way to make quick improvements that will save you money. It’s an easy DIY project with simple instructions and some […]