Woe betide the man or woman who, after a long day, stands in a pool of water during what should’ve been a relaxing shower! Or the homemaker who, washing up after a hearty family meal, finds the water stubbornly standing still. Hair clogging the sink and shower drains is a common battle we’re all too familiar with, a rite of passage that tests patience, resourcefulness, and sometimes even our gag reflexes. But, fear not, for we have three easy ways to unclog hair from your drain and get the water flowing smoothly again.

Stop Pulling Your Hair Out: The Easy Ways to Unclog Your Sink

Snaking Your Way through the Clog

The first lifeline is one you can fashion from an item commonly found in every household – a wire hanger. They’re not just for hanging clothes! They can also be your knight in shining armor when hair threatens to turn your sink into a miniature pool. Transform it into a makeshift snaking tool by straightening it out and sending it on a rescue mission down your drain to break up the clog.

Naturally, there are times when a DIY wire hanger snaking tool might not do the trick, and you’ll need to escalate things. A store-bought snaking tool like a Zip-it might just do the trick. Remember, after you’ve snaked your drain, don’t forget to give it a good rinse with hot water to ensure your clog is completely history.

The Magic of Baking Soda and Vinegar

This isn’t pseudoscience – it’s your second line of defense, a powerful home remedy resulting from a simple combination of baking soda and vinegar. This dynamic duo creates a chemical reaction that stands a good chance against simple clogs. Simply:

  1. Pour some water down your drain.
  2. Follow up with a good helping of baking soda and vinegar.
  3. Wait for about five minutes.
  4. Finally, chase it all down with plenty of boiling hot water.

Plunging Right into It

If the hairball is being stubborn and refuses to come up, it might be time for the third trick. Bring out your trusty plunger and get ready to exercise your arms. Plunging the drain can help push the clog through the trap or whatever else it’s causing an obstruction. Bonus points if you employ a cup or flat plunger to make sure you seal the deal.

Heading: When All Else Fails: Dial a Professional

Of course, sometimes, despite your best efforts, the clog might simply refuse to budge. This could indicate a more serious problem, one that requires professional attention. Ignoring it or stubbornly persisting with DIY methods might only make things worse, both for your plumbing and your wallet. Investing in a professional plumber’s service isn’t admitting defeat; it’s ensuring that the problem is diagnosed correctly and solved, allowing you to get back to your daily routine without any hitches.


  1. What can I use to unclog my sink? You can use a snaking tool (either homemade or store-bought), a combination of baking soda and vinegar, or a plunger to unclog your sink.
  2. Is it safe to use baking soda and vinegar to unclog a drain? Yes, it’s completely safe. The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar can effectively clear up simple clogs in your drain.
  3. Should I try DIY methods or call a professional to unclog my sink? While DIY methods are often effective for simple clogs, calling a professional plumber is recommended for severe or recurring issues to prevent potential damage to your plumbing system.

Closing Thoughts

Hair-related clogs in your sink or shower drain are a common nuisance that can disrupt your normal routine. However, the right methods – from a snaking tool, homemade concoctions, to the classic plunger – can help you reclaim your drain. Failing that, there’s no shame in calling for professional help. After all, the goal is to get your water flowing smoothly again. And remember, prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance can help keep such hairy situations at bay.

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